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About Seoushi Games

Seoushi Games is not a real company as in releasing products. Right now it is just me creating games in my spare time. I hope to get started on my next big project and release it to the public.

Who is me?

I am Sean Chapel a professional game programmer employed by sensory sweep (the largest independent game developer in united states).


I've been programming since I was in high school, roughly 8th grade which I believe was around 1999. I've started out with C++ on my own and later took a class on it during my junior year in high school. While I still use C++ mainly I have branched out and used quite a few things including: Java, C#, obj-c, scheme, lisp. I also have experience doing web page development with php, html, css, javascript and mysql.


If you have question, comments you can contact me in the following ways:
Email: seoushi (.at.)
AIM: seoushisan