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Ninja Hamster

I created this as my senior project at the University of Utah in 2005. This was made as a team project, I created the graphics, sound, input and the initial level editor code and most of the artwork (some was borrowed from other games). The game is feature complete but due to the game being created in a two month period it isn't polished and still has some minor bugs and places that need to be optimized. Some day I plan to go back and clean up the code.

Game Images

Level Editor Images


Here is the level editor and game. In order to use either of the applications you must run vccrt.msi first. The demo is roughly 14megs. Demo


up - W
down - S
left - A
right - D
select menu option - Enter
jump - Space
ninja star - L

Known Issues

Collision detection for the most part sucks.
It takes a long time to load a level.