1981 Yamaha exciter (SR250T)

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Yesterday I picked up a motorcycle after waiting a long while to find something cheap, running and in decent condition. It's a 1981 Yamaha exciter (SR250T) with only 14k miles on it. The only catch is that it was/is in parts, meaning I would have to rebuild it and clean up some of the rust then repaint those parts.

I've decide that I am going to paint the frame black, keep the original metal color for the engine case and paint the tank white. I might also make the seat white as well, depending on how the light grey looks. The front and back wheel covers will hopefully still be a shinny metal color depending of if I can get it to shine or not. If I can't then I'm thinking that those might go good in white as well. I don't plan to put on any after market parts, even tho I believe some of the parts already are. I'd like to keep it looking like stock except for the new colors.

I don't have a digital camera unfortunately but a few of my friends do so I'm hoping I can borrow one of theirs for awhile. If nothing else I can always use my laptops built in camera, although it's a little awkward.



Today I got the bike and I also have a few pictures of when it was assembled and what it looked like when I got it.

This the bike when the previous owner got it.

In the process of stripping (previous owner)

This is what it looked like when I got it

Day 1

Today I looked through some of the part diagrams online and looked at all the supplies I had for painting. I've decided the biggest thing to make the bike look more like a bike is to finish painting the thing and then put the rear wheel back on. So far I've painted the frame and the back suspension frame and will hopefully get around to touching that up and putting the rear wheel back on. I'm not exactly sure what the next part will be, probably putting the engine back in is my guess.

I know it doesn't look even but thats really just the sun and my camera not working well together. It looks quite nice in real life.

Day 2

Yesterday I tried to put the rear back on but I couldn't get it to fit properly and then I had to goto work. I'll try again today and then start cleaning up some of the rear parts so they can be put back on. Really doesn't seem like there is really that much work left. I found an awesome reference picture of how things are suppose to go back together on the frame (engine connection/carb/tank etc) so that should help a lot.

Part 2

I finally got the rear on, it was an extremely tight fit and I had to use a rubber mallet to get it back into place. Luckly I don't think it will come out of place :).

Day 3

Today I clean up the rear fender and attached it. It's coming together pretty good. I would work on it more but I have some homework and work to goto. I got another picture today as well. Tomorrow I'm hoping to clean off the engine and put it back on.